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Meet Your 2021 - 2022 Candidates

Ballots must be postmarked by May 15, 2021 in order to be counted.

About Us

Memco Staffing/ Current President

Heather Osborn

Running for President

Being your President this past year has been a fun challenge. I'm looking forward to next year and seeing the chapter continue to grow and get even more involved with our community. It's going to be a GREAT year and I can't wait to start planning. I'm excited to be your President again next year!


Middleman Construction/Director

Liz Carraway

Running for Secretary

I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with such amazing women in our industry.  My passion is for education, growth, advancement, and support of women, women in construction, and the next generation of women.  I look for growth and advancement opportunities in all things; body, mind, spirit, soul, and life.



Courtni Navarro

Running for Director

Hello, my name is Courtni Navarro and I work for Rogers-O’Brien Construction. I am a receptionist for the San Antonio office and hold many hats including precon and marketing.

I would love to increase my involvement within NAWIC and our chapter by being a part of the Board of Directors for our San Antonio Chapter #11 for a 2nd year. I have been a member of our NAWIC chapter since March 2019 and have loved every meeting I have attended. I have met so many amazing women and made many lifelong friends. Being a part of this chapter, has helped me blossom into a better individual and has challenged me to do things that I would usually never do. Typically, I am quiet and reserved when meeting people, but since joining this chapter, I feel it has truly helped me grow as an individual. I try to attend as many events as I can as well as assisting when needed. During my time so far, I have attended Forum when it was here in San Antonio as well as the Regional Fall Conference. Attending these amazing NAWIC events has really helped me learn so much more about NAWIC as a whole and has provided many networking opportunities with amazing ladies located in other areas. I feel this not only helps me when I have questions I cannot get answers to, but also helps me to professionally expand my network even further than San Antonio.

Throughout the time I have been a part of NAWIC, I have participated in many committees, including Burger Bash and Membership committee. Not only have I been a part of our chapter committees, I am also a Regional Membership Committee Chair. I have also taken charge of making name tags for our monthly general chapter meetings.

What I would like to see for our chapter is getting more member involvement and attendance for events/ general meetings. I would love to help make our chapter more amazing than it currently is!!

KML Profile Pic.jpg


Kelly LaCalli

Running for Director

Hi, my name is Kelly LaCalli and I am the Preconstruction Coordinator for Skanska here in Texas. I support three offices here: San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. I’m currently finishing my first year on the NAWIC Board of Directors, San Antonio. I was the Co-chair for the Golf Tournament this past March. It was a lot of work and tons of fun! This term (2020-2021) has been a crazy one for sure! I look forward to seeing where 2021-2022 will take us. The women at NAWIC are super AWESOME and I feel blessed to have worked with them this past term. I look forward to another great year!


Braun Intertec/Member

Katherine Kelley

Running for Director

Hi, my name is Katherine Kelley, I work as an Account Manager for Braun Intertec and running for Director.  Currently helping on the Burger Bash Committee and have helped with the Golf Tourney.  Over this past year I’ve tried to increase my presence in NAWIC and helped when/where needed.  I’m looking forward to continuing these efforts.  This is my 2nd chapter that I’ve been a part of and proud to be a member as I feel NAWIC has helped carve a path for women.  I love traveling and exploring new places!

Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 11.53.45

Global Furniture Group/Member

Vikki Berg

Running for Director

I am a Territory Manager for Global Furniture Group.

I have been with Global since 1995, started off in customer service and now a TM for the past 6 years.


Customer Service is my passion. Most of my career has been in customer service roles so I feel that I use this in every aspect of my life.

I enjoy the strong women bond and support that NAWIC brings and am proud to be a member.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family & friends, reading, being outdoors especially the beach.  
I love all kinds of music and attend as many concerts as I can all over Texas!


Stephanie Garcia


Running for Director

I am on the decorating and WIC week committees and also your in-house NAWIC photographer. I want to make NAWIC more fun and colorful. I want the younger generations to get involved and retain their membership. I want us to be a tribe of women who always support each other!


Berridge Manufacturing/Director

Shenel Rimando

Running for Vice President

I am the sales coordinator for Berridge Manufacturing, the local leader for the Women's Council of Entrepreneurs, a volunteer for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and am on the board of directors of our NAWIC chapter.

I was so passionate about NAWIC's mission that I immediately volunteered to be on multiple committees including marketing, social media, WIC Week, Golf Committee, and ran for the board of directors.

As your VP, I would love to help the organization grow by utilizing my skills from hosting my own networking events so we can continue the mission "to strengthen and amplify the success of women in the construction industry."


Rebecca Rodriguez

Turner Construction/Parliamentarian

Running for Treasurer

My name Becky Rodriguez and I work for Turner Construction. I recently moved into Procurement after being out in the field for 28 years. I have been a member of the San Antonio Chapter since 2014 and have previously been a Director, Treasurer, President, and Parliamentarian.


JC Stoddard/Member

Shelley Rappmund

Running for Director

I am the office manager/HR coordinator and safety manager at JC Stoddard Construction since 2017. Prior to that I was the office manager and DOT logistics manager for Bricks Unlimited here in San Antonio for 20 years. My mother was an educator and my sisters are both in education, so I was raised to believe that education is the number one thing we can do for our children. I have two adopted nieces, a foster niece, and 2 goddaughters who watch my example, so I strive to be the best example I can be for them even when I struggle to believe in myself. I am a life member of SALE and work as a booth supervisor at the rodeo. I volunteer at the Office of Historic Preservation and volunteer with the 4H clubs in Guadalupe County. I love to bake and read and travel. I am a strong woman raised by a strong woman who died way too young. I am determined not to let the fact that I fight diabetes and an auto immune disease every day make me weak. With strong faith, friends, and family, I can get thru anything.



Melinda Berry

Running for Director

Bio coming soon.


D.L. Bandy Constructors/Member

Christina Gonzales

Running for Director

I love to have fun and laugh. The challenge in commercial construction is my passion. I want to serve on the board to encourage more participation from our members and make our events engaging. Personal inspiration is ‘I can & I will, end of story.’

Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 9.40.38 PM.png

Johnson Controls/Past President

Patty Wylie

Running for Director

Hello, my name is Patty Wylie, I am running to be a director of our amazing chapter’s Board of Directors, I have 2 kids and 5 grandkids. I love to fish, and I have a lot of crazy friends!

I started working in the industry part-time my junior year of high school and stayed at the first company 30 years before jumping ship for a great opportunity at Johnson Controls.  The construction industry has changed a lot over the years, especially for women.  I started out as a typist and moved my way up.  I had some great mentors along the way that were not afraid to teach me the ropes of HVAC since I was female.  Being called “girlie” by GC, expected to get coffee or lunches for meetings, etc.  Now I am part of a team that respects my knowledge and work.  

I joined NAWIC in January 2008. I really enjoy being a member and get involved in as much as I can.  I have served on many committees throughout the years and have served in many positions on the board – president, 2 terms as VP, secretary, and several times as director. Currently, I am a part of the WIC week, golf, and Burger Bash committees. I am ready, willing, and able to help wherever needed locally or regionally. We’ve always had a great group of women that are willing to jump in and get things done.  San Antonio Chapter has a great group of women and I am proud to be a part of this chapter. 


Byrne Construction Services/Member

Veronica Gonzales

Running for Director

My Name  is Veronica Gonzales. I am new to NAWIC and I recently joined the NAWIC San Antonio Chapter this year. I am excited to get involved in the Chapter and am looking forward to working with this great group of Women.


I have been with Byrne for three years now as the Office Coordinator. I assist with HR, Estimating, Marketing, Byrne Event Committee and work directly with the President of our South Texas Division.


I am the mother of two wonderful boys; Stephen who is 20 and Nikolas who is 15. I enjoy being a TEAM mom for my boy(s), volunteering and being on the Booster Board assisting with their events and cheering them on every chance I get. On my time off I enjoy taking care of my chickens (yes, I have chickens) and working in our garden.  When I am not busy with my boys, I enjoy dancing with husband (Professional Ballroom Teacher) who I’ve been married to for 20 years and spending time with my fur-babies. I have three that I enjoy spoiling.

Me 05032021.jpg

Dumas Hardware/Member

Rhondie Kanning

Running for Director

Hi, my name is Rhondie Kanning.  I work at Dumas Hardware as the Office Manager and Accounts Receivable Manager.  I have been a part of the construction industry for over 8 years and a part of NAWIC for the past almost 2 years.  I am the Committee Chair for Burger Bash and just recently signed up to be on the Scholarship Committee. I volunteered for the NAWIC Golf Tournament and was NAWIC’s version of Vanna White as a greeter.  I will be attending Spring Forum in Biloxi this month.   I am passionate for just about everything that I do in life.   With this past year being an unprecedented year due to COVID and my sister battling cancer, it was a challenge to exhibit that characteristic.  I have a strong background in being a people person.  For over 5 years I was a running coach in my spare time.  I would take women from all backgrounds and help them achieve their goals of completing their first half marathon and eventually their first marathon.  Two points that I want to leave your with. 1) I enjoy interacting with people.  2) I truly believe we are who we surround ourselves with.  I will work just as hard for NAWIC.

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