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Celebrating Women in Construction

March 7-13

WIC Week Scavenger Hunt!




The Hunt

Week Long Event: March 7-13

Take a photo with…
o Your NAWIC gear on
o Your NAWIC sisters (social distanced as required) – No limit!
o Your best red lipstick and your hardhat on (GIRL POWER!)
o Spell out NAWIC with your favorite food / drinks
o A woman you admire
o As many NAWIC SA Chapter past presidents you can find.
o It’s all in the #’s – in honor of Chapter #11 – Find as many things (i.e. street addresses, buildings, etc.) that
contain the #11. A point for each.
o Take a photo of yourself at the below locations (extra point if wearing NAWIC gear):
o The location where the SA NAWIC founders first met
o Infront of the Petroleum Club
o Infront of the Alamo
o At Hemisphere Park / Tower of the Americas
o At the Pearl
o At Market Square
o At a school named for a woman (the more the better!)
o At a competitor’s office
o At the ASA (American Subcontractors Association) office
o At the ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) office
o At the AGC (Associated General Contractors) office
o City of San Antonio Development Services Office

Throwback Time:
o Who has the oldest NAWIC photo? Post w/ date and location taken.
o Take a photo with a VHS cassette – extra point for actual VCR in the photo!
o Take a photo with you holding a flip phone. Extra point if it is still active (show home screen).
o In the Streets:
o Abbey Road – Recreate the famous Beatles photo crossing a street with NAWIC sisters.
o ‘Vogue’ in front of a downtown hotel (think Madonna)
o Foreign Exchange – Points to the most well-traveled:
o Photo of yourself holding foreign currency
o Photo of yourself out of the country (the more the better)
o History – Take a photo of yourself with as many women from different decades at the same time
(example – born in 1920, 30, 40, 50, and so on…)
o Hidden Gems – figure these out for 2 points each:
o Photo at the oldest college / university in SA.
o Photo at the oldest HEB in SA.
o Photo at the first Bill Miller in SA.
o Women in the workplace:
o At a business owned by a woman (one point each)
o At a construction site (safely please)
o At your desk (home office / actual office / field)
o Infront of your company’s logo
o NAWIC Events:
o Photos of you at past NAWIC events (one point each)

Make sure you post your pics and use #WICWEEKSA2021!

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Explore our city while focusing on women in construction and our accomplishments through landmarks.

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